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The Answers You Need

What do I need to wear?

For your trial class you can wear anything that is comfortable and easy to move in, with non slip shoes if you have them. Following your trial we have a lovely school uniform that is required for children. Details can be found in the members section once you have registered.

I've never danced before does this matter?

That's completely fine - everyone is welcome here at Footloose and it's a great place to start your dancing journey. Within each class steps and dances are broken down into manageable chunks and tailored to the level and capability of each dancer. All we ask is that you have a go and try your best. If at first you don't succeed try try again!

How do I pay for my class?

We offer three trial classes. Your very first class is FREE. For the other two trial classes you may pay as you attend each class. Following this payment is required at the start of each term.

I'm still not sure?

Why not get in touch in and have a chat with us? We can discuss any other questions you have and explain anything else you need to know.

I've booked my trial and I have lots of questions

That's great news - we are looking forward to meeting you soon. We have a welcome book which will have been sent to you when you booked your trial. This contains lots of helpful information so please have a read through this first. If it does not answer your questions please get in touch using the contact button above.

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