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Dance classes at Footloose

Class structure

Footloose classes combine elements of ballet, tap, modern and musical theatre to provide a holistic, fun-filled dance experience. All of our dancers will be guided through movements, expressions and routines from each genre. Excited? So are we. Let the show commence.    

Ballet - The core of dance

Ballet is the foundation of all dance. It strengthens and lengthens, and encourages agility and poise. At Footloose, we deliver ballet classes for all ages and abilities. Little ones can even begin their ballet journey here with us. As well as learning this beautiful, expressive medium, dancers will also meet new friends, develop their confidence, and have lots of fun. .

Tap - Rythamtastic

Come and enjoy this invigorating, international art form. Tap is the rhythm of all dance, and develops timing, co-ordination and stamina. Our Footloose tap classes are inclusive and high-energy, with heaps of fun and team spirit sprinkled on top. 


Modern - Let's do it

Think travelling steps, high kicks and rhythmic leaps. Modern dance is often seen on Broadway stages, and is known for its theatrical qualities. This fresh style develops flexibility and core strength. Together, we’ll discover a range of styles within this high-energy genre. 


Acrobatics - Dance meets gymnastics

Imagine a dancer tumbling gracefully across the stage. This is acrobatics. A genre which combines ballet, gymnastics, Pilates and modern dance. Focusing on core strength and flexibility, our Footloose acrobatics sessions are designed from preschool stage rolls and somersaults to advanced AcroDance, limbering and tumbling. 

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